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LETTER: Keep Nelson working for you at the Capitol

Talk to anyone these days and most people are concerned with the direction our state and country are going. People always say: If we could only get good people into an elected office who will deal with the problems at hand instead of feathering their own political nests.

We elected someone from Hanson and McCook counties who is exactly that type of person we want representing us, our friend and neighbor Stace Nelson. We need to keep him in office.

I witnessed firsthand Stace trying to look out for the best interests of our community as politicians went after him because he could not be bribed or threatened away from representing the best interests of our district. Not only they couldn't get rid of him, but people from across South Dakota rallied around Stace for being the honest elected official everyone wants to see in office.

I am asking you to help re-elect our friend Stace Nelson by doing what I am doing.

Put a good word in for Stace and ask your friends and family in these areas to "bullet vote" for Stace like we are for him: Alexandria, Armour, Bridgewater, Emery, Epiphany, Farmer, Fulton, Clayton, Corsica, Delmont, Dimock, Freeman, Harrison, Joubert, Kaylor, Menno, Milltown, Montrose, New Holland, Olivet, Parkston, Salem, Scotland, Spencer, Tabor, Tripp and Tyndall.

Stace has always come through for us, so let's come through for him and keep him working for us.