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LETTER: Flag theft is symbol of what's wrong with US

To the Editor:

To the thief who took my flag: I am a U.S. Air Force retiree and a card-carrying member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Air Force Sergeant's Association, the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans.

You didn't just steal a "flag." You stole a symbol of America that I gave the majority of my life to defend. You stole a nation's symbol that represented all those who fought for, were wounded and/or disabled for and who lost their lives in all wars to make sure you could walk free on the streets of Mitchell today. I still honor our country and my fallen friends by displaying that symbol of freedom 24 hours a day. You on the other hand do not.

I'm guessing I have socks older than you and you really don't understand what you've done and what the word "honor" means. Your undisciplined actions are absolutely reprehensible and a symbol of what's gone wrong in this country today. You and a lot of other "youngsters" need a trip to the "woodshed" for a little education. I don't want my flag back; I want an apology.