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LETTER: GOP is misusing Christian religion

To the Editor:

I've been a Christian all my life. But as I read Eric Nase's letter titled "Fruits of modern Christianity are toxic," I find myself agreeing with him.

Our country is being invaded with those who refer to our Constitution but continue trying to destroy it. These are the people who decided Spain should be ruled by Christianity. Go read about the Inquisition that ruled Spain. How can a thinking person believe we should teach the Bible in our public schools? The Republican Party has been invaded with these religious leaders.

I have tried to vote for the person, not the political party, but I have decided that to put the Republicans in charge is a step toward the American Inquisition.

It is their decision to disrespect the president of the country. In fact, the Republican Party made destroying Obama its only work in Washington. So we have the "no" party. But they ride the religious horse, which is destroying our country and our churches.

I am old, and I'll be dead by the time religious government rules life and punishes people, but my children and grandchildren will suffer.

Please reprint Eric Nase's letter. I always thought we, as Christians, were supposed to turn people to the words of Jesus, but we have lost Mr. Nase and how many others? In fact I am beginning to doubt Christianity as it is being represented today.