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LETTER: 'White-hot purifying force of the truth'

To the Editor:

I firmly believe that the most powerful right guaranteed to us by the Constitution is the freedom of speech. I think this freedom is even more powerful than the right granted by the Second Amendment to bear arms, because the freedom of speech grants "we the people" the opportunity to expose corruption by delivering the white-hot purifying force of the truth, which is more effective than any type, or caliber, of weapon because there are no "friendly fire casualties" with the truth as it effectively differentiates good from evil.

To see how powerful the truth is, one only needs to observe the petty actions of South Dakota House Speaker Val Rausch in response to questions about his behavior raised by Rep. Stace Nelson, of Fulton. As unfortunate as this is, it really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Speaker Rausch and the ruling elite in Pierre have resorted to various disciplinary actions against Rep. Nelson, given the fact that since the truth is not on their side, such reprisals are their only recourse. The only way self-serving, self-righteous elite can deal with honorable individuals who speak the truth is to take any measure at their disposal to silence them. To verify this, one only needs to look into the Gospels and review how the members of the Sanhedrin dealt with Jesus.

Since Speaker Rausch has refused to let the voice of Nelson, and therefore his legislative district, be heard in the state assembly, the most effective retaliatory action that the people of this district have against Speaker Rausch is to rehire Rep. Nelson to work for them in Pierre again next November.