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LETTER: When services end, see if tea party helps

To the Editor:

This is a partial list of the federally funded programs in Mitchell and South Dakota that will be cut off after 30 days if the tea party has its way:

1. Social Security payments and Low Income Housing, forcing many elderly out of their apartments.

2. Medicare prescription drug funding, cancelling medications for the elderly.

3. Medicaid payments, forcing many elderly out of rest homes and stopping their medical care.

4. Medicare payments, forcing elderly patients out of hospitals, canceling medical appointments, treatments and essential medical equipment.

5. Food stamps, Meals on Wheels and School Lunch programs, contributing to malnutrition.

6. Farm and Ranch payments, cutting 30-50 percent of rural income.

7. VA hospitals, canceling veteran's medical care, equipment and prescriptions.

8. VA salaries, forcing VA nurses and doctors off the job.

9. VA disability and military retirement payments, cutting off their income.

10. Active military pay, forcing them to work without pay and leaving their dependents without income.

11. Funding U.S. fighting forces, opening them to attack, increased casualties and threatening national security.

12. FEMA flood assistance for South Dakota counties and cities, aggravating the flood damage.

13. Federal Flood Insurance payments, leaving flood victims without insurance and housing.

14. National Guard salaries, shutting down Guard facilities or forcing personnel to work without pay.

15. Federal highway funding, stopping maintenance on interstate highways and many state highways.

16. Federal airport funding, canceling maintenance and safety on South Dakota airports including Mitchell airport, which is 90 percent federally funded.

17. FAA funding, shutting down control towers, radar and aircraft safety.

18. Federal employee salaries, leaving many South Dakota families without income.

The above is a partial list of federal payments in South Dakota. When your family is cut off from essential services, perhaps you can go to your tea party friends for a handout. Apparently, the 2001-2009 $5 trillion borrowing-spending spree by George W. Bush and the Republicans that broke the federal budget is good irresponsibility. Current Democratic attempts to repair the damage is bad responsibility.