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Leno mocks SD tourism, Mount Rushmore in 'Tonight Show' sketch

RAPID CITY (AP) -- Late-night comedian Jay Leno poked fun at South Dakota tourism, and state Tourism Secretary James Hagen was among those laughing.

In a short sketch on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday night, Leno ran a fake advertisement for South Dakota tourism. It implored watchers to spend a week in South Dakota.

The narrator said, "Spend a week in South Dakota. On Monday, see Mount Rushmore. On Tuesday, see Mount Rushmore again. On Wednesday, visit the gift shop at Mount Rushmore. And on Thursday, relive your first experience, at Mount Rushmore."

Hagen tells the media he loved the Leno bit and also the exposure it gave the state. He says his department is planning a humorous response to Leno pointing out other things tourists can do in South Dakota.