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Two corn yield winners top 290 bushels per acre

Lower Brule Farms is among the operations recognized in a highest-corn-yield contest.

Competing in the South Dakota division of the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest, Riverside Farms of Huron harvested a record yield of 293.12 bushels per acre in the irrigated class.

In the no-till/strip-till, non-irrigated class, Scott McKee, of Hawarden, Iowa, set a record with a yield of 294.92 bushels per acre, 24 bushels more than the previous record. Although McKee’s address is in Iowa, the entered field is in South Dakota, near the state border.

South Dakota had 108 entries in this year’s contest. Here’s a list of winners, including seed brand, hybrid and yield.

Non-Irrigated: Jeffery Fliehs, Groton; Dekalb DKC48-12 RIB; 264.18 bushels per acre.

No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated: Scott McKee, Hawarden, Iowa; Pioneer P1151AM; 294.92 bushels per acre.

Irrigated: Riverside Farms, Huron; Pioneer P0533XR; 293.12 bushels per acre.

No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated: Lower Brule Farms, Fort Pierre; Dekalb DKC63-07; 288.70 bushels.

Source: South Dakota Corn Growers Association