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South Dakota FFA Proficiency winners recognized

South Dakota FFA members were recognized at the 86th South Dakota State FFA Convention on April 6-8 in Brookings.

The members were honored for excellence in developing career-specific skills through their Supervised Agricultural Experience Proficiency projects.

The results with area winners are as follows:

Agricultural Communications: Third place, Nicole Roth, McCook Central

Agricultural Education: Second place, Victoria Krempges, McCook Central;

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication: second place, Ethan Schallenkamp, McCook Central;

Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance: Second, Cooper Eliason, Howard; third, Andrew Hoffman, Mitchell.

Agricultural Processing: Third place, Isabelle Becker, Howard.

Agricultural Sales Entrepreneurship: First, Jordan VanHout, McCook Central.

Agricultural Sales Placement: First, Brock Anderson, McCook Central; second, Joey Abrahamson, Howard.

Agricultural Services: Second, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central; third, Cooper Eliason, Howard.

Beef Production Entrepreneurship: First, Abby Repenning, Mitchell; second, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central;

Beef Production Placement: First, Jean Skoglund, McCook Central; second, Cordell Wobig, McCook Central; Haley DeJong, Howard.

Dairy Production Entrepreneurship: Second, Cole Schock, McCook Central.

Dairy Production Placement: Second, Brandon Stone, McCook Central.

Diversified Agricultural Production Entrepreneurship/Placement: First, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central; second, Zachary Bies, McCook Central; third, Damon Jacobsen, Howard.

Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship: First, Nicholas Pardy, Howard; second, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central.

Diversified Crop Production Placement: First, Kaleb Haas, Howard; second, Andrew Streff, McCook Central; third, Brandon Schwader, Howard.

Diversified Horticulture Entrepreneurship/Placement: First, Andrew Streff, McCook Central; second, Jordan Kuhle, Howard; third, Mark Streff, McCook Central.

Diversified Livestock Production Entrepreneurship/Placement: First, Melissa Nelson, McCook Central; second, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central; third, Shelby Riggs, Mitchell.

Emerging Agricultural Technology Entrepreneurship/Placement: First, Cooper Eliason, Howard; third, Brock Anderson, McCook Central.

Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management Entrepreneurship/Placement: First, Tanner Henkel, Howard; second, Thad Henkel, Howard; third, Cordell Wobig, McCook Central.

Equine Science Entrepreneurship: Second, Morgan Matthaei, McCook Central; third, Cara Rabenhorst, McCook Central.

Equine Science Placement: Second, Kayla Pardy, Howard.

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production: Second, Andrew Streff, McCook Central; third, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central.

Food Science and Technology: First, Isabelle Becker, Howard; second, Megan Olson, Howard; third, Nicole Shultz, Howard.

Forage Production: Third, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central.

Forest Management and Products: Second, Adonis Ruml, Howard; third, Jim Mayrose, McCook Central.

Fruit Production: First, Sarah Schoon, McCook Central; second, Mark Streff, McCook Central.

Goat Production: Third, Michaela Jacobsen, Howard.

Grain Production Entrepreneurship: First, Mark Streff, McCook Central; second, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central.

Grain Production Placement: First, Brandon Schwader, Howard; second, Cordel Wobig, McCook Central; third, Andrew Streff, McCook Central.

Home and/or Community Development: Second, Jean Skoglund, McCook Central;

Landscape Management: first, Bailey Neises, Howard; Brandon Jacobson, Howard; third, Jordan Kuhle, Howard.

Outdoor Recreation: First, Cole Cheeseman, McCook Central; third, Kayla Pardy, Howard.

Poultry Production: Third, Kylar Hansen, McCook Central;

Sheep Production: Third, Melissa Nelson, McCook Central.

Small Animal Production and Care: Third, Emily Schallenkamp, McCook Central.

Specialty Crop Production: Second, Andrew Streff, McCook Central; third, Mark Streff, McCook Central.

Swine Production Entrepreneurship: Second, Adam Eichacker, McCook Central; third, Jordan Genzlinger, Howard.

Swine Production Placement: First, Cole Lauck, McCook Central; second, Bo Peterson, McCook Central; third, Ethan Schallenkamp, McCook Central.

Turf Grass Management: First, Ben Snyders, McCook Central; second, Bailey Neises, Howard; third, Kurt Mentel, McCook Central.

Vegetable Production: First, Morgan Matthaei, McCook Central; second, Curt Rueckert, McCook Central.

Veterinary Science: Third, Kayla Pardy, Howard.

Wildlife Production and Management: Third, Hannah Noonan, Howard.

-- Source: South Dakota FFA