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Sioux Falls bail bondsman lands role in ‘Nebraska’

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — A Sioux Falls bail bondsman has a role in the upcoming movie “Nebraska.” Kevin Kunkel told KDLT-TV he responded to a post on Facebook and was only thinking about being an extra in Alexander Payne’s film about a man walking to Lincoln, Neb., to cash in a million-dollar check. But after the casting director had him read a few lines, he ended up with the part of Cousin Randy.

“I got done and Alexander is looking at me and he says, ‘Right now, you are No. 1 on my list,’ ” Kunkel said.

“It was just stupid luck, pure and simple,” he said.

The film has received five Golden Globes nominations. “Seeing it with my family and my friends is going to be nerve-racking,” said Kunkel, who has already seen the movie twice.