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SERMONETTE: Trust Jesus to direct your path

How easy it can be to let speculation about other people's paths distract us from Jesus' plan for us. We may wonder why another person seems to enjoy blessings or why someone else has to enduire so many hardships and roadblocks on the way of life. Our uneasy reflections are tinged with relief or envy. They can hold us back from making progress in our spiritual journey of faith and life.

"Lord, why did they put them in charge of that committee when I have so much more expertise?" "Why did they win the lottery?" "Why are my children the only ones who get caught, drop out of school and mess up their marriages?" "Why was my spouse's cancer detected early and cured so easily while their cancer continues to get worse after the same treatment?" The questions can go on and on.

Every life has its own path with its own particular twists and turns. Jesus wants us to face these twists with confidence, courage and trust. He doesn't always let us in on all that lies ahead and He doesn't always tell us His plans for us or for others in our life. But He does assure us that He will be with us every step of the way.

"Jesus, I love you wholeheartedly. Please direct my path."

"I am with you until the end of time." (The Word Among Us)