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SERMONETTE: Storm Cleanup and Recovery

I eagerly waited to hear news from friends who had huddled with their children and taken shelter during the tornado that struck Wessington Springs. After the storm, they emerged to begin taking in the severity of all that was damaged and yet were also giving thanks as they realized what their family had just survived. They were overwhelmed at how quickly their neighborhood had changed and yet were also very thankful to almost immediately see friends and neighbors serving each other and assisting with the first steps to cleanup and recovery.

Through these stormy seasons, many of us will have opportunities to serve neighbors who are struggling or possibly be the recipients of such generosity. Jesus calls His followers to love our neighbors and serve each other even as He has served us. Beyond natural storms and floods there is a spiritual storm that will not just affect a few communities here or there, but will test the foundations of each of our lives. Jesus demonstrated His love for us by serving us even as we were attempting in our foolishness to build our lives on faulty foundations. As the generosity of a caring neighbor can be accepted or rejected, I encourage each of you to receive the gift of forgiveness and eternal life that is only found through faith in Christ. Ask Him to start the spiritual cleanup process in your life and then trust Him as He rebuilds your life on the firm hope and foundation that is Jesus Christ!