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SERMONETTE: Fundamental Christian faith observed in Haiti

Matthew 16:18: " ... on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."

In the first few days of May, my wife and I joined nine other individuals on a mission trip to Haiti. While in Haiti, we built forms for the walls of a church, and the members mixed and poured the concrete walls. During our trip, we met two Haitian pastors that are dedicated to the Gospel of Christ in one of the poorest places in the world, but witnessed a people that are rich in faith.

All of our pictures and videos do not reveal, nor can any words express, the depth of what our eyes saw. These sights, sounds and smells were at times indescribable and breathtaking; not to mention the tremendous needs present in all of Haiti. The people of Haiti are wanting because of their basic needs, yet resourceful. However, the little bit they have provides for their daily existence. It is not uncommon to see parents, especially mothers, sacrifice for their children. We were told that Haiti's unemployment is approximately eighty percent, which explains the large number of Haitians at the marketplace of each town, either trading or selling produce and goods.

For me, the Haitians' tenacity, in spite of their daily struggles, reveals their great faith in the living God. When we worshipped on Sunday morning, we witnessed a reliance that can only be found when God is all you have. Our mission team may have built forms for the Haitians to pour the walls for a building, but God is building His church stronger every day in the lives of the Haitians.