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SEBERT: GOP not to blame for government shutdown

To the Editor:

This letter is regarding The Daily Republic’s Our View from the Oct. 2 paper. The Daily seems to think the government shutdown is all a Republican problem. I haven’t forgotten the Affordable Care Act, which was passed when Congress and the president were all Democratically controlled, and most Republicans did not support the so-called Obamacare. Consequently, the national election following the passing of Obamacare, the House of Representatives gained control of that House and, now of course, there is opposition to some of the spending going on in Washington. That opposition happens to be the Republican Party, including Kristi Noem.

I find it strange The Daily Republic staff place the blame on the Republican Party and Noem when the president and the Senate are not willing to give an inch, or I guess even talk. It seems to be the Senate way or the highway, yet the Republicans are the ones blamed for the government shutdown. From what I hear, by way of media, the House has sent a budget to the Senate, but it and the president are not willing to negotiate on anything, and to blame Kristi Noem and the Republicans ignores reality. It appears to me it’s the Republicans that want to work and solve the problem, while the Democrats in the Senate and White House are playing hard politics. And when the president, Senate and Daily Republic point fingers, they need to take a good look at themselves and we may just find a solution.

In The Daily’s “our view” it makes this statement, “opposing the law at this stage is like gulping birth control pills while the baby’s head is crowning.” To make statements like this, I ask how sick can one be?