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SDSU’s favorite sweet gets fresh look

South Dakota State University’s trademark ice cream was recently treated to a packaging facelift. The new container features grass around the bottom and the cows that are on the Dairy Bar’s wallpaper. (SDSU Foundation photo)

By Jordan Smith

SDSU Collegian

BROOKINGS — From start to finish, South Dakota State University creates, manufactures and sells its trademark SDSU Ice Cream.

To go along with it, there’s a new look to the packaging, showing a connection to a popular ice cream hangout on campus — the Dairy Bar.

Around the bottom of the container are grass and the cows that are on the Dairy Bar’s wallpaper.

An SDSU Ice Cream logo was also created for the package and is now used in the Dairy Bar as well.

The SDSU dairy science department, along with university marketing and communications, worked together on the redesign.

Vikram Mistry, dairy science department head, said the new packaging was also about marketing. The packaging makes the product look more modern and gives a chance to market the ice cream — consumers know it is from SDSU.

“The new container is a better representation of SDSU,” said Samantha Schaefer, junior dairy manufacturing major.