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Report: Dakotas low in solar jobs

Solar energy isn’t big in the Dakotas, but it does have good to moderate potential, according to a new report by the Solar Foundation.

South Dakota ranks 47th and North Dakota 50th in the number of jobs in the United States related to solar energy.

But looking at the states’ solar resources ranks, South Dakota ranks 16th in the nation, and North Dakota 23rd.

Meanwhile, the Solar Foundation called Northern Plains neighbor Minnesota an “emerging solar market.”

The Gopher State ranks 31st with 864 solar related jobs in 90 companies, which also includes manufacturing jobs. It also ranks 29th in homes powered by solar energy.

The foundation found 290 solar-related jobs in 11 companies in South Dakota and 230 jobs in seven companies in oil-and-gas-rich North Dakota.

Those jobs were primarily in installation, sales and distribution or project development.

As for the top state in solar employment, California leads the nation with 47,223 solar-connected jobs.