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OUR VIEW: Vets provide example for lawmakers

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OUR VIEW: Vets provide example for lawmakers
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World War II veterans have stormed the beaches of the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C., and we couldn’t be prouder. We published a Washington Post report Wednesday, telling the story about how a group of veterans on a trip to D.C. pulled up to the WWII Memorial and realized it was closed due to the government shutdown. The men were there as part of the Honor Flight program, which has taken hundreds of veterans to the capital city to see the memorial. Many South Dakotans have made the trip as well.

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Of course, when the South Dakotans went there, the memorial was open. These guys from Mississippi must have been quite disappointed.

So what did they do?

They surged right through the barricades and took in the sites. They rightfully enjoyed a memorial dedicated to the sacrifices made by these very men. It’s so ironic.

A U.S. Park police office told the Washington Post that he wasn’t going to enforce the “no stopping or standing” sign when he was dealing with a group of veterans. Smart guy.

And isn’t it great that these vets decided on their own that they weren’t going to stand for this government shutdown?

Congress should pay attention. Maybe our lawmakers could learn a thing or two from these old heroes.

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