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Oil train fire in ND sending soot into the air

CASSELTON, N.D. (AP) — Fire from the derailment of a crude oil-carrying train in southeastern North Dakota is sending a lot of black soot into the sky in the Casselton area.

The town's water tower is about half-covered with soot, and Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney says he expects a lot of soot around town. He tells The Associated Press, "wait until you see the footprints in the snow later on."

Health experts are testing the quality of the air but don't yet have results.

Authorities overnight have been using large spotlights powered by generators to illuminate the wreckage scene. They also have brought in a lot of heavy equipment such as flatbed trucks.

The cause of the Monday derailment a mile from Casselton is still being investigated. No one has been hurt.