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Motorcycle trike maker back in business in Spearfish

Motorcycle trikes for sale are shown at Lehman Trikes in Spearfish, which is back in production after suspending its operations in March. (AP photo)

SPEARFISH (AP) -- Months after it was sold, a South Dakota maker of motorcycle trikes is back in business.

Terree Matson-McCoy, the general manager of Lehman Trikes, said the Spearfish company recently sent a shipment of new machines to distributors in the northeastern United States.

The company is converting six motorcycle models into three-wheeled trikes for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki, she said.

Lehman suspended its operations in March because of business problems and a slow economy. In June, Champion Trikes, a company based in Garden Grove, Calif., said it would be taking over and resuming its operations.

Matson-McCoy said the industry's prospects are improving, because older motorcyclists are switching to trikes and more women are taking up riding. She said she had been eager to resume motorcycle trike production.

"So many people in the industry are excited to have us back," she said.

Craig Arrojo, the president of Champion Trikes, said he expected to have about 50 workers at the reopened plant in Spearfish. He said the earlier suspension was not "because of quality of products."

"It was some economic decisions that went awry," Arrojo said.