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LETTERS: Legislators, protect the constitution

To the Editor:

Every year, someone essentially claims to have found a hidden spell buried within our Constitution that will make the problems we face in the federal government go away. It’s commonly called a “constitutional convention.”

Radio personality Mark Levin is promoting this idea.

Why? He claims the feds have gone way beyond their constitutional bounds to the detriment of the states. Most conservatives should be nodding their heads in agreement at this point. But, his solution is to add seven more amendments to the Constitution through a convention formed under Article Five of that document.

Got that? Let’s stop people from grossly disregarding the Constitution by changing the Constitution.

And, it seems Levin hasn’t even considered the idea that such a convention might not be the conservative love-fest of his dreams. You know, those dreams where not a Marxist is stirring — not even some leftists with massive central planning dancing in their heads.

But the truth is that the Constitution will not bring us freedom or fiscal restraint if we ignore or revise it to alleviate problems caused by ignoring it in the first place. Ask your state legislators to oppose any calls for a convention to amend the Constitution.