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LETTER: Wismer deserves your vote

To the Editor:

Being a South Dakotan requires having a driven and balanced lifestyle. Having the guts to go for anything and the mind to keep things in perspective is the lifestyle Susan Wismer embodies every day. She grew up on a family farm in northeast South Dakota and was raised to be a civic leader through her family's involvement in the state.

She is a hard-working woman that values faith, family and education. Whether it is education taught in schools across the state, or education she teaches her children about living, Susan is there to be a voice. As a state legislator, she is a champion for educators across the state. She has supported many bills to increase teacher pay and school funding across the state, because she understands the education problem going on in the smaller school districts in our state. She listens to small-town educators and takes their thoughts to Pierre to come up with a better solution for our future.

She understands that the building of a great state lies within the education of our children. Susan has the focus to work on these problems and not beat the dead horse around women's rights.