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LETTER: Why did my bees create so much buzz?

To the Editor:

In April, I moved to Delmont and started a bee hive a few weeks later after research and finding no laws forbidding it. Two days later, I got a visit from the mayor inviting me to a town meeting about my bees. This “discussion” turned more to veiled threats as I was repeatedly told “it’s in [my] best interest to move the bees.” The topic of bees was postponed and postponed.

A few days ago, I read the article in your paper about Rapid City changing its laws to allow hobby beekeepers. It gave me a glimmer of hope, until recently.

At a special meeting, my mother was called into a private meeting after others had left and was told the bees were being declared a nuisance and we had 14 days to remove them and that an ordinance will be put in place in August. It seems odd to me that the city wants me to remove my hive before it puts in the ordinance.

I know this is a trivial story in the grand scheme of things, however I hope that you would look into this more and maybe help a hobby beekeeper keep his hive.