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LETTER: Why devalue homes with uranium mining?

To the Editor:

Choices we make often depend on our perceptions of things to come. As we look to the future when investing in real estate, we try to imagine what it will be like in the future. Location, location, location is the mantra.

Would your choice location be one where uranium mining, uranium milling, poor quality or quantity of water exist? I should think not. Can anyone give me a good reason to invest in a home in a uranium production area? Look at prices of real estate in areas that have a history of uranium mining. Who would want to invest there? I know I wouldn’t, and I won’t.

We need to protect our investments here in the Black Hills; this is a great place to live. Why should we allow the possible ruination or depletion of our water resources to a Canadian and Chinese foreign company? Wouldn’t that be not only devastating, but humiliating as well? If you’re willing to take that chance, ask yourself, why? What’s in it for you as a homeowner?