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LETTER: Voters should get say in school buildings

To the Editor:

I do not believe anyone in the Mitchell area is more interested and involved in letting the public know than I am. For that reason, I am somewhat surprised at the great interest The Daily Republic shows for the payment of two Huron superintendents. It is, after all, only a payment of less than $175,000.

Of greater interest to the Mitchell taxpayers would be some information about how the Huron School District got over 70 percent of the voters to vote for a $20 million-plus bond issue to refurbish rather than destroy three of their elementary schools.

With some of the Mitchell school principals being unaware of the planned construction of a $13 million fine arts center by 2016 and the planned destruction of our high school building in just 12 short years, more information should be reported by The Daily Republic.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This expenditure of more than $50 million for new construction at the Mitchell High School is being planned with no vote by the Mitchell taxpayers.

Why do the Mitchell voters not get to vote for this planned construction?