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LETTER: Veterans memorial should return to park

To the Editor:

We heard on the news that there is going to be a bronze likeness of the only living Medal of Honor recipient in South Dakota, Mike Fitzmaurice, placed at the Veterans Memorial in Huron. Due to renovation work at the public library, the Veterans Memorial was moved from Campbell Park to a vacant lot south of the police station. We propose that the memorial return to its original and rightful home in the park.

During the summer months, Campbell Park plays host to numerous concerts and various other entertainment venues. Campbell Park is within walking distance to Huron's latest water attraction, Central Park. With such close proximity to Huron's biggest attraction, Campbell Park will get a lot more foot traffic.

Now, with the proposed Campbell Park Ice Skating Rink, the park can see use all year round. Campbell Park is a historic part of Huron. James Campbell, not the namesake of Campbell Park, did paint the bald eagle in the band shell. I am sure James Campbell would think that an ice skating rink would be a great use of the park.

In the wintertime, he would probably say it looks like a Norman Rockwell moment. If Jim Campbell were still alive, he would paint that park just like a Norman Rockwell moment as he was an amazing artist.

He would certainly be proud to have his eagle flying in the same park that Michael Fitzmaurice is in representing all of our war veterans.

We feel the Veterans Memorial should be returned to Campbell Park and let Mike watch over all his fallen comrades. All the flags flying on Veterans Day with the memorial and Michael's statue watching over the park and ice skaters, sounds like a Norman Rockwell picture.

Let's do justice for our veterans and make a permanent home for our war memorial at Campbell Park where the masses can visit, picnic and enjoy as well as learn what these veterans really sacrificed for our freedom. Thank you Michael Fitzmaurice for your sacrifice in keeping our country free.