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LETTER: US should not try to police the world

To the Editor:

To the United States Congress: Hold your horses.

The United States does not need to get involved in other countries' affairs. I realize it is the humanitarian thing to do, but where does it end?

These four super powers do not want America involved in every country's shortcomings. Germany gassed the Jews by the thousands and buried them in trenches. That was horrific. Now this. Where does it ever end?

The United States needs to rethink what more could happen to us. We are not the world's police force. We need to stay neutral like other countries.

We are now more than $17 trillion in debt, and counting. What if Russia lobbed a ballistic missile into our grid? All electricity would be lost, and we would be back in the 1800s. We too are vulnerable.

Bring our Navy home. It can help our country deal with the 20,000 illegal immigrants and the Mexican drug cartel.