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LETTER: Uranium mine is rotten backroom deal

To the Editor:

It doesn't take much digging into the Powertech Uranium Mine to see that it stinks to high heaven. Hiring two relatives of former Gov. Rounds to lobby him to weaken water protections. High paid lobbyists literally writing the law that bars the state from monitoring the mine. Throw on top the fact that Powertech is a foreign company with virtually no South Dakota investors who has never conducted a uranium mine before and we have a recipe for a disaster.

I say if Gov. Rounds or Powertech think this proposed uranium mine is such a good idea, then why don't they move out here where the drinking water would be contaminated. Why don't they buy some land out here that will be absolutely worthless when, not if, the mine contaminates our water supply.

There have been some truly impressive backroom deals in Pierre but this one takes the cake.