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LETTER: Unusual activity by the ballot machine

To the Editor:

Twice you have asked valid questions about the purchase of a new vote counting machine. Secretary of State Jason Gant reported to your paper that the task force determined the current counting machine was “100 percent accurate.” A company technician said “There is nothing wrong with the machine.”

Is Kiepke an engineer or a certified technician? Has Kiepke served as an expert?

While the counting of the votes at the last election was being done, I observed some actions by Kiepke that looked unusual. Perhaps some explanation should be made of those actions?

While the machine was counting votes, I saw an employee take bunches of ballots as they came out from the opposite side of the machine.

1. An employee handed a pile of ballots to Kiepke, who replaced them on the stack of uncounted ballots.

2. On another occasion, Kiepke received the pile of ballots and inserted them, midway, into a stack of uncounted ballots.

3. On another occasion, I saw Kiepke take the stack of ballots and put them into a small cupboard to the left of Kiepke and the counting machine.

I do not know how many ballots were in each bunch, but I would suggest that there were fewer than 100. I do not know if more than three unusual placements of ballots took place. I did notice that Ross Dolan, a Daily Republic reporter at the time, was standing about 6 feet from me, directly across from the counting machine. Dolan, an observant person, did have his camera with him. Perhaps those actions have been recorded.

In order that the truth be known, I would testify under oath, anywhere, anytime.

Kiepke may have inappropriately operated that machine. For the next election, the person in charge should not be a candidate for office on those ballots.