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LETTER: Time to vote out the tea party

To The Editor:

I will be 90 in March. I remember my parents speaking about Social Security and I remember Medicare. Both programs had glitches to begin, because any program that involves everyone in the country has problems to begin.

But this time we have the tea party. It is time to vote these people out of office. They have stopped the president in everything he wanted to do for the country. For example, he tried to get a law to help build or repair bridges, but couldn’t because the tea party would not have it. All this past knot-headed stalling by them cost the country billions of dollars. And why should the very rich get all the subsidies they get from the country? No, they take away everything from the disadvantaged.

It is time to vote for what is good for us, not blindly vote for a party. I am a lifetime Democrat, but I voted for Bill Janklow for governor because he was 100 percent for South Dakota. He knew education was a priority so he saw to it computers were in every school in the state. I lived at Hayes then and remember when computers were put in.

And I remember when our representative was on TV with her opponent. She claimed to be for everything she had voted against. Yet we ran to the polls and voted for her because of her party. I read the votes of all the people who are from South Dakota. She does not vote for South Dakota. The farm bill, the corn helping gas prices — believe me she is not for you.

And now she voted against getting the government back to work. When she gets back to running for office she will get on TV and claim to be for everything she voted against. Try to think of the good of our country and state the next time she gets on.

And let’s get a better governor. This one is against education and the disadvantaged. Our youth are our future. And let’s feed the poor, even if that person is Native American.