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LETTER: Time capsule opening was success

To the Editor: 

Recently the centennial time capsule was unearthed after 25 years at Hitchcock Park.

A photo and very short statement was in the newspaper but that didn't do justice to the magnitude of the burial or unearthing of the event to honor the state of South Dakota and its history.

KMIT and Jill Holzenberger made the capsule and identifying stone a reality and had Wilbert Co. bury the vault and set the stone while students and teachers from Longfellow Elementary School witnessed the event.

Leona Klinkner, a third-grade teacher, was there with her class and was also there for the unearthing event. Wilbert Co. was again there for the event to raise the vault for the park department employee, Steve Roth. Wanda Kobes, her daughter, Kristie, and her two sons, and Nick Forrest and his son came as they were Whittier people in 1989.

Bonnie Williams, whose husband, LB. Williams, was mayor in 1989, attended as did Lyle Swenson of the Carnegie Resource Center. He offered to display items there during 2014 for interested citizens.

We appreciate all the city leaders being so helpful and supportive as plans developed for this special event.