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LETTER: Time to bring truth back to politics

To the Editor:

I suspect shortly you will get the press releases by Sen. John Thune saying what he has on his Web page of how he voted to defund Obamacare last week, and has many times before. As a lifelong Republican, it is time to hold our own accountable, as well, for the mistruths and games they play. The vote that would have stopped Obamacare was the cloture vote (I believe it was 205 but not sure) which Sen. Thune did not support, and therefore it lost. As a result, the vote to fund required only 51 votes for continued funding of Obamacare, and the Republicans knew in advance the Democratic Party had that in the bag so they could vote against it to make themselves look good back home while allowing Obamacare to become the law of the land despite its many flaws that people are running from each day.

I don’t like cover votes, no matter what party uses them. It’s time to bring truth and honesty back to Washington, and no matter the power John holds over your or any paper with possible advertising dollars, etc., I would hope a true journalist would speak the truth regardless of who it hurts. The people expect no less and deserve no less.