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LETTER: Texting-while-driving deaths should matter

To the Editor:

I can’t use my cell phone in school, so on my way home in my car I have to text my best friend who sits next to me in school.

Text: “How did school go for you Todd?”

Thud. Oh no — I just killed a legislator and the legislator’s two children … the legislator who said it is all right for me to text and drive.

But it’s not too bad, I will not get any prison time, and even if the one that replaces the one that supports texting is against texting, the majority will still support texting. So I can keep right on texting and killing. Just so that it is not my good friend or another supporting legislator. If it is my good friend, I will just have to find another good friend.

We are going home from school again.

My best friend just texted me: “How was school today?” She ran a red light and hit me and we are both killed. I am sure our parents will go to Pierre and protest against Mrs. Christensen who wants to ban texting and driving.

Mrs. Christensen’s husband getting killed didn’t mean anything to our legislators. I guess it has to be some hot shot before they wake up.