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LETTER: Tea party working for privileged whites

To the Editor:

As I watch the life of Nelson Mandela on TV, I am struck with his belief in forgiveness as we find in our Lord’s prayer, Matthew 6:9-13. Also, his victory over the color of the skin.

We have a Mandela here in the U.S. His name is President Barack Obama. He truly believes that hate gets in the way of progress.

We also have an apartheid. It is known as the tea party. Apartheid was for the white privileged of South Africa. The tea party is for the white privileged here.

Our president is willing to put his reputation on the line in order to get a health program to see that the underprivileged can experience an assurance of help when illness strikes. Even the first lady comes in for hateful.

This tea party representative in our state has attacked school lunches because it can get votes for her. But our youth today are plagued with obesity. I realize youth are complaining. My granddaughter doesn’t like it, but youth don’t always know what is good for them. A diet of more fruit, vegetables, protein and fewer carbohydrates is really better for their health. If an old lady like me (I am diabetic) can eat this less carb diet, surely our youth can handle it.

 If most of us believe that Social Security and Medicare are really good for a country that claims to be Christian we cannot truly elect a tea-party Republican. My husband was a Republican. I am not claiming all Republicans are bad for our country; just this new segment of the party is an abomination. I was so sure we’d conquered racism. But there it is, staring us in the face again.