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LETTER: Support Stevens for District 20 primary

To the Editor:

I have known Dave Stevens since he moved to Mitchell in 2004, and I am pleased to write this letter of support for him for the District 20 Republican primary election.

Dave and I became friends because of our common interest and involvement in Rotary. Each of us has served as president of the Mitchell Rotary Club and we have both participated in the Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange as team leaders. For me it was leading a team of young professionals to Australia in 2009, and for Dave it was leading a group to northern India in 2011.

Both of these experiences, serving as a Rotary president and a GSE team leader, require commitment, organization, leadership and time. Working with a group of young professionals to prepare for a trip to a foreign country for 30 days requires many months of conference calls, face-to-face meetings and understanding group dynamics and what it takes to work together to achieve common goals. Not unlike serving in a legislative body. It also requires an understanding of people with different backgrounds, the flexibility to adapt to changing situations and the ability to lead. Dave excels on all points.

One of Dave’s best traits becomes apparent in a conversation with him. He’s a very good listener, and his attention centers on the person with whom he’s speaking. He’s thoughtful, deliberate and doesn’t rush to judgment. I believe that these skills will serve him very well as a legislator, and will also be in the best interests of the patrons of District 20.

I encourage voters to learn more about Dave and what he brings to District 20 as a state representative. Please join me in voting for Dave Stevens on June 3 in the Republican primary.