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LETTER: Sioux Falls growing because it wants to

To the Editor:

I read the editorial recently regarding how rapidly Sioux Falls is growing and getting all the tournaments, etc. On another note, I have been seeing a pain specialist in Sioux Falls. I was sent there by the pain specialist in Mitchell because he does different procedures. On my second visit, he told me he had been talking to the Mitchell doctor about coming over; I would assume once or twice a month like all the other specialists do.

I was there a recent Monday for my sixth visit and asked him about it. He told me our hospital was not receptive to that. Other specialists come over (like the hand/wrist doctor that was stated the other day in the paper) and they do their informational meeting at MTI. This doctor wants to do his at the hospital so possible staff members as well as the community could attend.

The hospital won’t allow this. Why? Could it be because he isn’t Avera-related? And, while my friend and I were in Sioux Falls, we did go shopping and out to lunch — something we could have done in Mitchell. Seems like we are cutting off our nose to spite our face.