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LETTER: Send Stace Nelson back to the Capitol

To the Editor:

Like most South Dakotans, I want a lot in a candidate for the House. I want someone who understands that our state, like our nation, is a representative republic, not a democracy; and that the role of government is to guard, not grant, the individual rights of its citizens. I want someone who will protect my constitutional freedom, not vote to deny or restrict it. I want someone who resists the tax-and-spend policies that make government more meddlesome and our lives more difficult. I want someone who appreciates my hard work, and works hard, too. I want to vote for someone who is honest, honorable, courageous and loyal.

Sadly, I can't. That man is not running in MY District. He's running in yours. As a political observer for many years, I can tell you that Stace Nelson is one of the few public servants who deserves that title. He has steadfastly refused to adapt to the way things are done when the voters aren't looking. No, I can't vote for him, but his vote in Pierre defends me, too. I'm counting on you, good people of District 19: Send Stace Nelson back to Pierre to defend your freedom and mine.