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LETTER: SD needs Wismer, Blake’s leadership

To the Editor:

Families are the building blocks of society, and when families do well, one can expect good things to happen in society, in our homes and communities. So how are South Dakota families doing? As education funding continues to be the last item on the Legislature’s agenda in Pierre, what does this tell us about the future of education, jobs and health care in the state? It’s all related, and aren’t we all related? And responsible to care for one another?

Sioux Falls has more working mothers than any other comparable city of its size. Wouldn’t raising the minimum wages of 62,000 employees improve family life, giving them and our whole state a better standard of living? Support for pre-school education would give these eager learners a head start in being and becoming all they can be.

Approximately 48,000 South Dakotans would benefi t if the state would accept the Medicaid expansion. There’s so many advantages, from saving lives to improving health; strengthening family financial security; stimulating our state economy; attracting business development by providing a healthier, more productive workforce; reducing the economic burden on medical facilities; creating additional jobs in the medical fi eld; saving states between $42 and $85 billion on uncompensated care just from 2014 to 2019; and it keeps federal tax dollars in our state.

We need smart action soon. Susan Wismer and Susy Blake as candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, are wise and willing to do that. They’ve both been legislators in Pierre for six and four years, respectively. They’re willing to prioritize education, jobs and health care because these issues affect all members in a family — children, teens, young adults, moms and dads and the aged. Susan, as a small business owner and CPA, and Susy, as a nurse and advocate, believe we need to put families first. These women are smart, compassionate and concerned. We need their leadership to make this a family-friendly state.