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LETTER: SD monument one of world’s great wonders

To the Editor:

This is in response to an interesting article in The Daily Republic about Don Boyden.

In 1936, I was in the Black Hills and witnessed the initial carving of Mount Rushmore near Keystone. I would have paid more attention if I’d known it was going to take 14 years to complete and become a world famous monument.

Georgia critics didn’t like Gutzon Borglum, so they said, “Let’s send him to South Dakota where no one will ever see his carvings.”

From what I have read, carving the mountain was a very difficult procedure. The workers used jack hammers to punch holes in the side of the mountain before they could scale it and do the carving. The mustache on one of the presidents is 20 feet across.

This project was saved by South Dakota Sen. Peter Norbeck. According to the National Park Service, 3 million visitors come each year to see this world-famous attraction. In my opinion, this shrine to democracy could possibly become the eighth wonder of the world.