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LETTER: Save money, support SD at pump with E-30

To the Editor:

There has been much talk and written material lately about the sudden rise in gasoline prices.

It's nothing new that prices are being manipulated. Why are the prices in Mitchell some of the highest in South Dakota when Mitchell is only a few miles from a pipeline? Collusion, manipulation, greed, you call it what you want.

Consumers can help themselves by purchasing ethanolenhanced fuel as several stations have blender pumps. My wife and I purchase E-30 for all our vehicles, a 2012 and two 1998 models, and we're paying $3.249 compared to the $3.599 E-10. Buy local, that is South Dakota-produced, ethanol. We may get one or two miles per gallon less, but at the cheaper price, we're still ahead using South Dakota-raised fuel, not one imported from countries that hate us. Support our country and state.