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LETTER: Rounds, Daugaard part of corrupt system

To the Editor:

I would like to point out that on the Davison County Republican primary ballot is just one precinct committeeman or committeewoman race. I am in that race. This provides one more piece of circumstantial evidence that the Chamber of Commerce crowd is working to prevent truly conservative, limited-government proponents from obtaining political leadership positions, as we are a threat to the system of legal corruption that is in place in Pierre and Washington, D.C.

In addition, I no longer receive emails and letters from the leadership of the Davison County Republicans regarding their meetings and events, including the recent Davison County Lincoln Day fundraiser. I heard about it after the fact.

After reading the coverage of that event by this paper, I wondered how many common-sense conservatives understood that it was impossible for Gov. Daugaard to claim he fixed a $127 million budget problem while former Gov. Rounds claims he balanced the budget each and every year.

Both don't want it known they accepted hundreds of millions of Obama stimulus money since 2009 that has fueled an enormous increase in South Dakota's budget. And Rounds claims he can fix the budget deficit in D.C. after gladly accepting those funds while governor? We need to also be mindful of the EB-5 scandal that occurred under his watch.

Both of these primary candidates have massive campaign war chests funded by those who have benefited the most from the enormous increase in size of South Dakota's government, thanks to their efforts to preserve and expand the current system of legal corruption. Rounds is certainly benefiting from the D.C. lobbyist/business contacts he made while in leadership positions with the National Governors Association and the Council of State Governments as they help fund his campaign of deception.

If common-sense, conservative Republicans want to put into leadership positions those who have a record of standing up against the money and power that comprises the current system of legal corruption, then vote for Stace Nelson and Lora Hubbel.