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LETTER: Rounds clearly tops among Republican candidates

To the Editor:    

The Republican primary will soon end. The ballot is full of people running for the U.S. Senate.

I have followed the Republican Party for over 60 years and have served as Republican Chairman in Hughes County, as well as early in my career in Hanson County.

Mike Rounds is clearly the strongest candidate. He has served with distinction in the South Dakota Legislature and as governor of South Dakota.

I have known Mike for most of his life. His father and his mother (who passed away over 30 years ago) raised 11 children. I served as attorney for several public bodies in Hughes County and can confirm that Mike and his family knew the rules and knew how to get along with people. MIke was the oldest child, educated at South Dakota State University, and now has a wonderful view and family. Mike is a hard worker and successful business person who can bring back the U.S. Senate seat to South Dakota Republicans.

Unfortunately, the other Republican candidates running do not possess the same attributes. Several of them are unknown to most people in South Dakota and could not defeat the Democratic candidate. In my opinion two of them have removed themselves from consideration by their past actions, either dealing with their own party in the Capitol building in Pierre or among their professions.

We have an opportunity to elect one of the best and brightest in our state.

Vote for Mike Rounds.