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LETTER: Rhoden best choice for Christian voters

To the Editor:


 U.S. Senate candidate Stace Nelson has done South Dakotans a great service this year by pointing out the big-government-authoritarian tendencies of Mike Rounds, and especially by drawing attention to the corruption in the Rounds economic development office when he was governor.


 Unfortunately Nelson has also done South Dakotans a great disservice by suggesting that Larry Rhoden is just as bad as Rounds. Rhoden is a deeply devoted Christian, strongly pro-life and pro-liberty. Outside Nelson’s campaign, Rhoden is almost universally regarded by those who know him as a man of extreme honesty and integrity.


 I’m not a Republican, but I believe the best hope for the Senate race is for Rounds to receive less than 35 percent of the primary vote and be forced into a runoff against Rhoden.


 I’d also suggest to my fellow Christians that supporting Rhoden is the right thing to do, regardless of the outcome.