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LETTER: Rapid City right to stand against PowerTech

We should be very grateful to the Rapid City Council and Mayor Kooiker for their recent courageous stand against the Canadian company, PowerTech(USA), that wants to mine uranium in the southern hills and abuse billions of gallons of public water, spray radioactive material on the land surface and use the Minnelusa and the Deadwood aquifers as dumping repositories for contaminated material.

This is insane in my opinion, and the council expressed its “grave concern” regarding this dangerous operation. The Mining Board and the Water Board should seriously consider the council’s position in their deliberations. Thank you Mayor Kooiker and members of the council for your wellplaced concern.

The Rapid City Council is not alone. The Hot Springs City Council has also expressed its concern as well and the Fall River Conservation District has opposed this mining in no uncertain terms. South Dakota water law states that the surface and groundwater belongs to the public, to all the citizens of the state.

The prime directive of our government is the health and welfare of the people. PowerTech is not a citizen and has no right to our water unless the state provides it with permits. This must not be allowed to happen. Call the governor to express your opposition to this rape of the land and water. Do it today.