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LETTER: The rankings favor Rounds for Senate

To the Editor:   

Former governor and present U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds is the eldest of 11 children. His father, Don, was a school teacher. Mike was not born into fame and fortune.

He received a political science degree from SDSU. He and his wife, Jean, have four children and six grandchildren.

Mike and a partner started a business called Fischer Rounds and Associates, a real estate and insurance brokerage. This business prospered and now has 100 employees in five locations scattered across South Dakota. This business has allowed Mike to keep his finger on the pulse of South Dakotans, their lives and businesses.

It is evident that Mike is a people person. He won five terms in the state Senate. His peers liked and respected him and they elected him majority leader for three terms. He was then elected governor for two terms.

Proof of Rounds' popularity is the results of a nationwide poll. This poll placed him as fifth out of 50 governors in popularity with his own people.

The proof is in the pudding when we look at South Dakota's standing in nationwide polls. Number 1 in state business climate index; No. 1 in small business survival index; No. 1 in business tax index state tax systems for entrepreneurship and small business; No. 2 lowest state tax rate per capita in the nation.

I got my feet wet in politics when I served two terms in the state Senate. Since that time I've been an observer and active volunteer in the political process. I learned that if a candidate doesn't have much good to say about himself, he'll resort to negative campaigning. Remember this when some negative blurbs hit the press.

When serving in office, friends and acquaintances are invaluable. Mike has served in numerous capacities in the National Governors Council. Last summer, I visited at length with a retired U.S. senator from a neighboring state. When I mentioned Rounds, he said he knew him, and he'd be sending greetings and a campaign donation.