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LETTER: Public deserves truth about Powertech

To the Editor:

The article in the Rapid City Journal on Nov. 28 by Powertech CEO Clements and Dec. 3’s Casper, Wyo., Tribune spews unsubstantiated propaganda. Just 10 days earlier on NPR and also before the West Dakota Water Conservation group here in Rapid City, Powertech project director Hollenbeck vehemently claimed 120 jobs as the number — yet in these articles, Clements states 80. The real number is 30 to 40, according to other operations. Powertech continues to gush fantasy guesstimates while attempting to gag order the press over opponents’ comments. Powertech’s Hollenbeck, Mann and Clements met with the editorial board and J. O’Sullivan at the Rapid City Journal and also with the staff at the Black Hills Pioneer. The public taxpayers deserve the truth, not lies perpetrated by the industry through intimidating the press. Powertech’s new corporate office is in Hong Kong.

Please know that the water scene nationally grows more serious every day, and the EPA is powerless to help. Watch the online video “Blue Gold” to see how cities in America are losing their water to foreign entities. By the time people wake up, it may be too late. The synergistic effects of fracking, uranium, pipeline spills/excursions and buying up of aquifers nationwide threatens our health and national security.