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LETTER: Protect water from Azarga/Powertech

To the Editor:

Call to action for all cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers and wannabes, also I might include rural towns and city governments in South Dakota. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will hold a hearing on Aug. 18 in Hot Springs to take comments from the public as to the feasibility of Azarga/Powertech’s wish to mine yellow cake.

Azarga/Powertech is asking to use up to 9,000 gallons of water a minute for 20 years, for free, from the Madison and Inyan Kara formations. This is a blatant giveaway to a Chinese corporation. This is a threat to all in western South Dakota, where water is always a concern.

If the NRC grants this permit, it will open the door to other companies now looking for the same free gift of water on the eastern perimeter of the Black Hills, to mine whatever, from Hot Springs to Spearfish. We now at this ranch pump water from the Inyan Kara formation. Protect our water, because our state won’t.

Come and listen or participate. Don’t trust your government. Our water is not to be gifted or sold to foreign corporations. Protect and guard our water; it’s nature’s gift of life.