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LETTER: Protect ourselves from uranium

To the Editor:


 The South Dakota Legislature has been in session for two weeks. I am grateful to each of them, for they are the changemakers.


 Our representatives have 120 bills to consider, and this is to be accomplished in this brief, two-month annual time frame. Each of these bills has been put together in a painstaking manner, and each is considered extremely important by the organizations that have submitted them.


 The Clean Water Alliance and associated organizations feel extremely concerned about the protection of our water. This bill is specific to our ground water being contaminated by the residue left from the yellow cake of uranium mining throughout the sacred Black Hills, and we ask that before any further mining in any form takes place, we must eliminate the health hazards we all know exist; we have volumes of documentation to verify what we have already learned from this.


 And by the way, this is a global issue — people are standing up for their children and seven generations from now. We are not killing the Earth, we are killing ourselves.