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LETTER: Proposed hog facility comes with dangers

To the Editor:

Dr. Barry Kerkaert stated Pipestone is "here because there are too many pigs in southwest Minnesota." The proposed 5,400-swine operation for Baker Township, if approved by Davison County commissioners, will bring many corporate out-of-state operations into Davison County, and they don't care who they run over.

Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases are dangerous. Children are more vulnerable to hydrogen sulfide and extremely vulnerable during their prime learning years. Because impairment of mental faculties in a child amounts to a lifetime of harm, children are at a greater risk of pollution effects because of their size and development age. An infant inhales twice as much as a resting adult.

The operation is not concerned about water. They will use 25,000 gallons a day and at least the same amount will be turning out as waste a day.

In Iowa, over 45 percent of rural wells were contaminated with coliform bacteria. Tests of 1,600 drinking wells near animal factories reveal that one-third of the wells were polluted.

The operators say they will use biofilters, but how often will they be inspected, cleaned or break down? Will they be placed in all fans and not just the stage one fans?

Where is the accountability? Who will follow up to be sure our environment and health is safe and first priority?