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LETTER: Problems with GE Food do exist

To the Editor:

This is in regard to the opinion “The Irrational Fear of GM Food” by Marc Van Montagu, Oct. 23 in the Wall Street Journal.

1. The problem starts with a subset of GM food that is genetically engineered (GE) by human insertion of unnatural or selected genetic material that promote toxins or pathogens to kill insects or weeds. This process and chemicals kills beneficial microbes in the soil or causes viruses in plants or animals. Plant nutrition and feed or food is less nutritious and less healthy.

2. More fertilizer is used on GE crops to minimize the problems with plant nutrition or to counteract the herbicidal chemical effects.

3. Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Don Huber have documented numerous examples of these GE problems.

4. There is evidence that clearly shows biotechnology companies are trying to monopolize the seed gene pool through contamination and patent infringement lawsuits.

5. I am a producer (farmer) that grows crops to help feed the world. I and many others do this without using GE seed. The production has higher yield per acre and greater nutritional feed and food value.

6. Farm production is mostly about management, rain and soil nutrition. Also, I do have a science background and use science methods, test and data.