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LETTER: Pressler reminiscent of Obama's evils

To the Editor:

Larry Pressler is about as embarrassing as any political candidate that I can remember. Out of one side of his mouth he brags about how he has such high moral principles that he will not take a bribe, and out of the other side of his mouth he supports gay marriage like it was something good. His campaign sounds strikingly similar, but not as smooth as what I heard from Obama as he ran for office in 2008.

It appears that the evil forces lurking in Washington would not have to worry about bribing Pressler. He obviously does not have a Bible-based moral compass and appears to be on their side already. How could you ever trust another politician who bases his decisions on how he feels rather than the clear commands of God?

Candidates that campaign on a platform of gay marriage and homosexual rights are basing that decision on the assumption that voters have bought the lie and drifted into acceptance of that sinful condition. Pressler is making gay marriage a big campaign issue. I pray that SD voters have a better moral conscience than to waste a vote on this guy.

A proven way to disarm attacks against sin is to call you a hater. In the world of debate it is like a stranglehold on logical argument. Appealing to our Christian sense of fairness and righteousness is the accepted way of diverting attention from, and silencing opposition to, sin.  However, accepting sin is not a good way to eliminate it, and voting for it is an invitation to judgment from God.