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LETTER: President needs to descend from clouds

To the Editor:

When President Obama ran against McCain, he went after him for not texting and using the Internet. They said with his hands smashed as a prisoner of war, McCain could not text or use a computer.

It sounded like Obama was going to do everything from the White House by email and texting. But when he got in, it is all fly, fl y, fly. Just take this year. He had to fly to sign the so-called farm bill — the one the farmers get 20 percent of.

Then he flew to California to look at the dry conditions. Why, so he could play golf? Then he flew to Minnesota to say we need more money for roads and bridges. Then he flew to three other states. Then he flew to Florida on vacation. Now Mrs. Obama went to China.

When President Obama went after the truckers to get better fuel mileage to cut back on pollution and global warming, I called all three of our representatives in Congress and asked how much his flying costs per month and how much it polluted the air. So far, I’ve heard from no one.

If he would park our plane and use the millions saved, it could go to our wounded military members. When they want $19 per month for wounded warriors, you can bet it is just like S.D. Fraternal Order of Police; very little goes to the wounded.

I know I got ripped off when they called and asked me to give. I said I don’t give over the phone. They said they would send me paperwork. When it came, guess what it said? The police don’t do their own calling; it is hired and very little goes to the intended purpose. Talking about military, the military American flag is made in the U.S. because all military items have to be made in the U.S., with U.S. producers. The government flags are made in China because American-made flags are too high priced. Looks like a good place for one of Obama’s executive orders. Bet it won’t happen.